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Swimming Pool Service & Maintenance - 1 Day Training Course

This course consists of a full day practical training which will cover all the important aspects of your pool plant room and the best way to run and look after your system.

The course will cover most of the same items found in common nationally accredited courses but will show all of your engineers how to carry out regular routine maintenance and how to strip and clean all chemical dosing equipment and how to identify faulty parts. It will also include a in depth look at how your chemical dosing system works and identify the most common faults that can happen with your type of chemical controller.

Other aspects that will be covered in the practical training are as follows -

  • Backwashing & Backwash Holding Tank System. Pool Water Testing.
  • Enviromental Controls Systems.
  • Balance Tank System Controls.
  • Pool Cover Systems and Pool Features.
  • Routine Maintenance on PAC Systems.
  • Information on all types of microbiological problems within swimming pools i.e cryptosporidium, pseudomonas, TVCs E Coli etc

All over our engineers are trained technicians in most common UV systems including Siemans, Topline, Triogen and Hanovia and can answer all in-depth questions regarding running and any routine maintenance required for your UV system.

We will also look over all the backwash instructions for pool filtration plant and can re write them accordingly if required.

All attendees will receive a full handout notes and a certification of attendance which can be issued on completion of the course.


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