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Microbiological Testing

Aquateq Pools offer a full microbiological water analysis service offering you complete peace of mind when it comes to the unknown micro-organisms that could be introduced in to the water.

Our standard microbiological analysis tests the water for E-coli, Total Coliform's, Total Colony Count and Pseudomonas Aeruginosa. These tests are often a requisite of the UK Environment Agency and all of our tests are all conducted within their guidelines.

The test results show the levels of micro-organisms in the water and if these levels are above the government set limits, we can then put together a course of action on how to eliminate these issues and a long term strategy on how best to ensure a safe environment for your bathers.

Additional tests can be carried out for Legionella and Cryptosporidium.

While our Engineers are on site we will also conduct a full water balance test covering free chlorine, total chlorine, combined chlorine, pH, alkalinity and calcium hardness and report any alterations required. We will also check the parameters of your automatic chemical control system to make sure it is tracking properly and all parameters are within the correct limits.


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